Essure Birth Control Lawsuits Target Bayers Unsafe Implant | Essure Lawsuits

Essure Lawsuits against Bayer Normally, it’s common practice for medical manufacturers to warn physicians and patients about the potential of any serious side effects. Shockingly, thousands of women have filed Essure lawsuits, accusing Bayer of intentionally concealing complications associated with … Read more

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FDA Launches Investigation into Nitinol in Essure Implants

In a press release issued on March 15, the FDA issued a statement announcing a new investigation into adverse patient reactions to different materials used in various medical devices, including the nickel alloy nitinol in Essure birth control coil implants. … Read more

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Essure Removal Q & A with Dr. Shawn Tassone M.D., PHD

I have been experiencing many of the symptoms associated with the Essure birth control device, what are the first steps I should take to have my problems corrected? Ultimately and more importantly you need to find a physician that understands … Read more

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Judge Rules Against Federal Preemption for Bayer in Essure Lawsuits Allowing the Lawsuits to Move Forward

In August 2016, Alameda County Superior Court Judge Winifred Smith ruled against Bayer on some counts from using the federal preemption law to avoid the lawsuits citing damaging side effects resulting from Essure, their permanent birth control device. This ruling … Read more

Examining the FDA’s Role in Bayer’s Essure Implant Scandal

The Netflix documentary, The Bleeding Edge, puts a spotlight on the FDA’s role in the Essure scandal, among other controversial medical devices. The overarching theme in this documentary is that the system the FDA uses to regulate medical devices is … Read more

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Examining Problems with the Medical Device Industry in the US

The Bleeding Edge documentary on Netflix provided in-depth insight into the health risks, pain and suffering the medical device industry is causing consumers with products like Essure, pelvic mesh, and cobalt joint replacements. As expected, the documentary received significant push-back … Read more

Bayer Pulls Essure a Week before Netflix Documentary

On July 20, the manufacturer announced that its Essure sales and distribution in the United States would be discontinued by December 31, 2018. Aside from declining sales, Bayer attributed the decision to women’s reduced use of permanent contraception in addition … Read more

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Netflix Documentary Targets Essure and other High-Risk Medical Devices

The Bleeding Edge is a new Netflix documentary focusing on how medical devices like Essure have harmed patients with serious side effects. The documentary features personal stories from patients who’ve suffered serious effects caused by the permanent birth control implant. … Read more

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Bayer Reportedly Paid Physicians to Push Essure onto Patients

On July 27, a CNN exclusive report revealed that Bayer had paid physicians millions of dollars to endorse Essure, a high-risk permanent birth control implant. Christina Potts, one of the patients interviewed by CNN, described her doctor as being a … Read more

Bayer Discontinues Sales of Essure Implants in the US

Bayer permanent contraceptive Essure has been linked to repeated safety restrictions and thousands of injury reports. On July 20, the manufacturer announced it would discontinue sales in the US after Dec. 31, 2018. The US is the only market in … Read more

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