23 July 2018

Documentary “The Bleeding Edge” releasing on Netflix on July 27

bleeding edge documentary netflix

Documentary “The Bleeding Edge” releasing on Netflix on July 27, 2018 Sparks Bayer’s Decision to Remove the Birth Control Product Essure From the Entire United States Market

On July 27, 2018 the documentary “The Bleeding Edge” will be released on Netflix. The film will discuss the darkside of the pharmaceutical industries desire for immense profits in the $400 Billion a year medical device industry and gives a platform for victims and advocates to voice their frustrations with the harms caused by many defective products.

The film will focus on Bayer’s Essure medical implant, which is a metal coil used for birth control and is placed into each fallopian tube of the woman’s body to block the tubes by causing fibrosis within the tubes. The small flexible coils are made from polyester fibers, nickel-titanium, solder, and stainless steel.

The coils are held in place by the flexible inner steel coils and the outer nickel-titanium coils pressing against the fallopian tubes. The surgical process is done by a physician who uses a catheter through the vagina, womb, and cervix to find the fallopian tubes and insert the coils. After the coils are in place they cause a growth to grow in the fallopian tubes, which blocks sperm from reaching the egg.

Thousands of women have reported a myriad of complications from the use of the device, including perforation of organs, the device breaking and migrating, ectopic pregnancy, constant pain, heavy metal toxicity, hair loss, anxiety and depression, allergic reactions, nausea, cramping, bleeding, weight gain, and suicidal thoughts among other complications.

Now Bayer has decided to remove the product Essure from the market entirely by the end of 2018, before the release of the documentary “The Bleeding Edge.” The product had already been removed from sales in all other countries besides the United States.

The documentary includes a scene from a video of an Essure board approval meeting in which the questions of several doctors go unanswered and the employees openly joke about the lax approval process.

At this time the Bayer company value iis worth upwards of $90 Billion and the medical device industry is worth approximately $400 Billion, it is no surprise that these companies value their profits over the innocent victims who have to deal with the lifelong consequences of defective medical implants such as essure, transvaginal mesh, ivc filters, mirena iud, and many other defective products and procedures such as robotic surgery.

In a statement released by Netflix, the directing and producing team of Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering, celebrated Bayer’s decision as a,

“Gratifying affirmation of the power of the documentary.” Mr. Dick stated, “This is exactly why we do this work. The film has already changed policies and changed history.” Seven years of fighting finally became a victory, patient advocate Angie Firmalino, stated “Not one more woman will be harmed by the device. We have won, we have finally won.”

The FDA announced Bayer’s decision to withdrawal the product Essure from the market by the end of 2018 on July 20, 2018, seven days prior to the release of the The Bleeding Edge on Netflix on July 27, 2018.


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