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Essure Allegations and Complaints Against Bayer

Most of the Essure lawsuits targeting Bayer were filed by women suing for pain and suffering caused by the device. Not only is Bayer accused of failing to report the potential for serious side effects, they also allegedly falsified their application for device approval.

The medical implant market totals $400 billion annually and many of these manufacturers care far more about their profits than patients’ potential health risks. Many of the lawsuits claim that the manufacturer’s failure to warn physicians and patients of potential side effects is what caused the harm.

Specific allegations made in the lawsuits include:

  • Failing to properly train physicians on using Essure
  • Encouraging physicians to persuade patients to use Essure
  • Distributing Essure to unqualified physicians to sell to patients
  • Failing to disclose over 16,000 medical device complaints about malfunctioning to the FDA
  • Failure to track complications associated with Essure
  • Failure to complete risk analysis for Essure
  • Manufacturing the Essure device for three years with no license
  • Actively concealing and failing to report the adverse events associated with Essure

Essure Lawsuits against Bayer

Normally, it’s common practice for medical manufacturers to warn physicians and patients about the potential of any serious side effects. Shockingly, thousands of women have filed Essure lawsuits, accusing Bayer of intentionally concealing complications associated with their birth control implant.

As of April 13, over 16,800 Essure lawsuits had already been filed against Bayer. The health complications associated with Essure have been nothing short of severe and debilitating, requiring additional operations for many patients and proving to be fatal for some. To this day, Essure lawyers continue helping women who believe they’re pain and suffering has been caused by using the implant device.

Filing a Essure Lawsuit Against Bayer

Contacting a lawyer is the first step in filing an Essure lawsuit against Bayer. Many Essure attorneys will offer a free case evaluation if you think you’re suffering because of the birth control implant. Generally speaking, many Essure lawyers offer a contingency fee and a free case evaluation, meaning they won’t charge anything if they decide not to take on the case. These Essure attorneys typically don’t charge at all unless the case against Bayer is successful.

The statute of limitations, or time limit, for filing these types of cases varies state by state. An Essure lawyer should be able to help determine the statute of limitations in your particular state. Depending on the state, women typically have one to five years to file a lawsuit over Essure. When a patient has died from Essure, the statute of limitations is generally less and can be one from one to three years for a wrongful death action. The wrongful death action gives family’s of the Essure victim the right to compensation for the death of their loved one.

Women should not hesitate to contact an Essure lawyer if suspect their suffering is associated with the medical implant. If you wait too long, you could run out of time and lose your right to file a case.

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fda investigates essure

FDA Launches Investigation into Nitinol in Essure Implants

In a press release issued on March 15, the FDA issued a statement announcing a new investigation into adverse patient reactions to different materials used in various medical devices, including the nickel alloy nitinol in Essure birth control coil implants. … Read more

Essure Lawsuit Timeline

  • In July, Bayer finally announced it would stop selling Essure in the US by the end of 2018.
  • On Feb. 17, the public health agency in Brazil announced that Essure sales would discontinue in the country.
  • On May 6, national rallies were held calling for Bayer to pull Essure from markets worldwide.
  • On June 19, Essure announced a decrease in demand for Essure was causing them to gradually cease sales in Canada. On June 25, Bayer announced the same gradual cessation of sales for Netherlands and Finland as well.
  • By Sept 1, Bayer announced that Essure would no longer be sold anywhere in the UK. Less than 3 weeks later, Bayer announces that it would stop selling Essure everywhere except the US.
  • On Oct. 25, a 3rd Quarter Earnings Report by Bayer revealed that there had already been 10,500 Essure lawsuits filed against the manufacturer.
  • Essure lawsuits against Bayer are filed from several states and the FDA requires Bayer to conduct another post-market study and the medical device is to now be sold with a black box warning and patient decision checklist signed by physicians and patients.
  • On June 30, Health Canada issues warnings about complications associated with Essure.
  • The FDA is petitioned to revoke the Essure pre-market approval based on an expedited process replete with fraud, including falsified medical records.
  • On April 24, the five-year post-market study required by the 2002 PMA is published.
  • On June 24, the FDA claims its already received more than 5,000 complaints about Essure and agrees to hold a public hearing in three months to evaluate its safety and effectiveness.
  • On Sept. 24, the FDA held a public hearing in which Essure manufacturers were sharply criticized for not collecting enough data about the implant and for how the clinical trials were conducted. The hearing determined that more safety information was needed, but the panel didn't recommend moving it from the market.
  • On April 21, Contraception journal publishes a study determining that women are more likely to get pregnant using Essure versus traditional tubal ligation.
  • The first Essure problems pages start popping up on Facebook and Essure Adverse Event reports begin piling up with the FDA. It seems patients are beginning to link the Essure device to their subsequent physical injuries and medical complications. In January, the FDA cites the manufacturer for using unapproved materials and violating the PMA.
  • In January, the FDA informed the manufacturer that they discovered Essure devices being built in an unlicensed factory since 2005 and that they had failed to properly document their procedures.
  • Essure is originally manufactured and marketed by Conceptus, which was approved by the FDA on Nov. 4. Bayer acquires Conceptus on June 5, 2013.

If you or a loved one suffer due to complications from the essure birth control device, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

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